A new way to see your porn collection



Scenerixx is a free to use Java application that helps you sorting your porn collection.

No more cumbersome folder-structures that never will be 100% perfect. Just know what you have and where you have it.

You know exactly what you are looking for? No matter if persons, type of movies or specific type of acts, Scenerixx tells you where you have it.

Not sure what you are looking for? Let Scenerixx inspire you by showing you categories on movies and persons. Or use its search.

IMPORTANT: A backup before upgrading is never wrong!


4.5.0 - natasha - beta


========== 4.5.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-10-22 ------------------
* new filter to select movies with/without screencaps

* the search text field in the Windows movie now also considers movie types
  and performer names (see here)
* the 'add to specific playlist' dialog remembers now the last ordering of the
* statistic: top nationalities
* start hour text field is selected after selecting the next scene after saving
* new search field: VR
* Scenerixx VLC Bridge shows now feedback after calling a function
  Note: you need to copy the lua script manually to update (see here)
* Options panel: buttons to check if VLC, FFmpeg, MediaInfo can be found
* person of the day is not selected if the person window should not be loaded
  at start time. That saves ~0.5 seconds.
* show youngest/oldest age of a performer in the person details window
* show shortest/longest scene runtime of a performer in the person details window
* filtering movies by unset scene lengths is now ~50% faster
* compare movies window can now be closed with the ESC-key
* following windows can now be reloaded via F5 key: Movies, Persons, Studios,
  Medium Files, Playlist 
* statistic numbers are loaded on demand (making the opening of the statistic
  window faster)
* you can now zoom into the world map with the mouse wheel
* generation of statistic numbers don't take that long anymore
* you can now mark several movies at once as duplicates
* message dialog for 'mark as no duplicate' is only shown once per session
* when you add a scene to an existing movie the release date of the movie
  gets applied to the scene
* person details / performed with drop down: show how often a person performed
  with the other person
* person details / performed with/similar drop down: open in Persons window
* scene specific person details can now be saved with CTRL+S
* improved the search a bit (reordering some elements, load some options faster)
* improved (?) the ordering of elements in the indexing window a bit
* context menu on the root node in the person / studio window is now also 
  available if no list is loaded yet
* "Set Studio" remembers the last decision

* the details bookmark form was not showing all components for orgasm bookmarks
* moving playlist entries via drag&drop was not working
* the search was not always correctly initialized when certain search parameters
  were used
* some "tip of the day" were cut off
* prefix meta data was not working when "show playlist" was clicked
* trying to delete a temporary playlist resulted in an exception
* the exclusion via two dashes in the search text field in the Windows movie 
  was not working
* "Unlock secret items" could cause an exception
* "Lock secret items" initialized the statistic window if it was not open
* The person ratings sympathy, teeth and feet were not correctly saved/resetted/loaded
* deleting a studio via shortcut could fail
* the person details were not available right after adding a person to a scene
* the person details panel showed some drop down list for males that were
  only intended for female persons

* new import files (70 females, 12 males, 16 studio)

* improved startup time for about 2 or 3 seconds
* statistic window is never loaded during startup to reduce startup time
* upgraded dependencies
* lot of refactorings
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Scenerixx permits to keep the original filenames, hashes for duplicates (!!!!), and has a granularity of informations which can be managed which is almost unbelievable. For this, you need to apply some minutes of reading, but in the range of 10-15, not more.
(Vik Tlo)

I tried scenerixx and I have to say it is what I long waited to find. I tried [something else], but right now the development seems to be stopped, and it didn't have the granularity and mass of information that can be obtained in scenerixx (also, the separation in scenes even when there is just a single video file).
(Vik Tlo)

Feature-wise Scenerixx is definitely what I was looking for. UX-wise, it is a bit of a mess ;)

(a Scenerixx user)

Nice program you made.


I have been looking for an app like this for years. I had been using [other product] but it couldn't do what I wanted.


Thanks for the wonderful work

(a Scenerixx user)

Thank you for your help, and your excellent app.

R. H.

it's a huge help in getting it all organized... thanks so much for all the hard work!

(BBWLuvr via Discord)

Great product.

(a user)

Love all the updates and changes. Awesome job. Thank you.


I have organized more of my collection in 72 hours than in 5 years of using another app.

(Bobfather_63 on twitter)